About Coach Calder

Coach Calder has been with Calder Casino for nearly a decade, having been named the 1st coach in Calder history in 2010. Mainly known for working behind the scenes, in 2019 he agreed to be featured in Calder Casino’s new TV commercials, thus allowing the general public to become more aware of his greatness.

A 20-year veteran of professionally helping others achieve phenomenal success, Coach Calder joined the Calder team after a 3-year-stint in Wisconsin, where he consistently brought out the best in numerous cheese-loving people. In 2018 he was named “Coach of the Year” by Leaders and Motivators Magazine. That same year also saw him win 16 eating contests and lose 2 beauty pageants.

His gift for turning people into all-stars goes back for generations. Even his great great grandparents were great (great) trainers. His mother and father recognized his talents early on, when at just 5 years old he coached his younger brother through potty training. Growing up, his childhood heroes included Winston Churchill, Socrates, Vince Lombardi and the inventor of the glazed doughnut.

Coach Calder is known for bringing positivity, passion, and a megaphone with him wherever he goes. In his downtime he enjoys yelling at the TV, reading Cosmo and hot yoga.

He and his wife Coleen reside in South Florida and are the loving owners of two (well-trained) Saint Bernards, Victor and Victoria.

Click here to view Coach Calder in action.