Calder Casino

Friends With Benefits

Friendlier. Luckier. Calder.

It pays to have friends!

Looking for a good time? Yeah, we bet you are... That’s why we couldn’t be happier than to tell you about Friends with Benefits. See, when you bring a friend to Calder in search of some action, you’re both guaranteed to get lucky. Yep, when your friend signs up to become a New Member, you’ll get $10 Free Play, plus a Free Buffet for your first referral each month!

Wait, it gets even hotter—you can refer up to two new members each day, and four per month.

Naturally your friend will get plenty of action, too. They’ll play our New Member Kiosk Game and win a minimum of $10 up to $1,000 Free Play. Plus, if they provide us with a valid e-mail address, we’ll send them another $10 Free Play! Ohhh, baby.

You can score your bonus offer at the Players Club from 9am-11pm.

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