Backyard Casino

Outdoor, Smoking-Friendly Gaming in Miami Gardens, FL

Ride your hot streak beyond the main casino floor inside Backyard Smoking Casino, located just outside the South entrance. Separate from our casino, players are free to puff and play inside Florida’s most spacious open-air smoking casino!

You’ll find a number of your favorite games inside Backyard Smoking Casino, like Royal Reels, Liberty 7’s, and Diamond Lotto. Plus, you can enjoy complimentary drink service and earn entries into all our exciting promotions—just as you would by playing inside the main casino.


Your wellness and safety are our top priorities, so we’ve developed a full series of procedures to ensure Calder continues to be the CLEANER and SAFER casino in South Florida for both our Guests and Team Members.

Please be sure to visit our COVID-19 Information page for the full list of our safety measures and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Casino Thrills are Always Bigger and Better at Calder!