Responsible Gaming Education Week


Calder Casino is committed to fostering an environment of responsible gaming—and addressing problem gambling head on—to ensure that guests play responsibly and those who may need help have the resources they need. This means investing time in Team Member training, dedicating resources to promoting responsible gaming education, and working with regulators to protect consumers.
Richard Sukhu, President & General Manager

Responsible Gaming: Our Everyday Commitment
Responsible gaming is an integral part of Calder Casino’s daily operations. During Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGEW), from September 13-19, we are joining with the American Gaming Association, the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG) and partners across gaming to promote gaming literacy to our guests while showcasing our everyday commitment to responsible gaming.

We are committed to educating seasoned bettors and new customers alike on the principles of responsible wagering. This means encouraging customers to Have A Game Plan™ when they wager by setting a budget, keeping it social, knowing the odds, and playing with legal operators.

Team Members are the front line to our responsible gaming efforts. RGEW provides the opportunity to highlight Calder Casino’s responsible gaming practices, which include:

  • We regularly train Team Members on responsible gaming and provide annual or periodic refresher training.
  • We emphasize to our Team Members that casino gaming is an adults-only activity and require them to be vigilant in preventing individuals under the legal age from playing at our casinos.
  • We provide information to guests about the importance of playing responsibly and how to recognize signs of a potential problem.
  • We ensure that the placement and content of our advertising and marketing materials are to age-appropriate audiences and reflect generally accepted contemporary standards of good taste.
  • We display toll-free helpline numbers (1-888-Admit-IT) for problem gambling in our ads, brochures, and signs.

Every Team Member has a role to play in educating and engaging the public about responsible gaming. We encourage you to review our responsible gaming resources during RGEW and consider the role you play in fostering responsible gaming at Calder.